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Closing the Digital Skills Gap

Navigating the generative AI Revolution with ABN-AMRO

Webinar: Thursday September 21 | 12:00 - 13:00 CET

How will Generative AI transform the future of work? What are the most critical digital skills that we need to succeed in the age of AI?

Are you fascinated by Generative AI and its potential to reshape the future of work? Beyond being a buzzword, this transformative technology promises to redefine industries and operations. By embracing its capabilities, you can revolutionise your business and deliver unmatched value to your customer


Dennis de Reus, Head of Innovation Technology at ABN-AMRO — one of the largest and most reputable banks in the Netherlands — stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI-driven solutions. Boasting over a decade of international experience in Digital, Data, Analytics, and Operations across various industries, Dennis led the successful integration of ChatGPT at ABN-AMRO. This integration not only showcased the practicality of Generative AI but also resulted in significant enhancements in both the efficiency and quality of customer service

Stephen Paterson, Chief for Tech Evolution at AND Digital, a recognised IT and Digital Leader with over two decades of experience in the field, offers an invaluable perspective on the transformative journey of Generative AI. Delving into its profound impact on our evolving workplaces, especially in development, Stephen highlights both the emerging challenges and opportunities. He emphasizes the escalating need for digital expertise to truly harness generative AI's capabilities. Through his unique lens, we gain insights into the broader implications this technology holds for our future workplace.


Join our expert panel who will be discussing:


  • The digital skills needed to thrive in the age of Generative AI.

  • The impact of AI on the future of work and how it will transform our Industry.

  • Practical use-case: dissecting the profound impact of AI on customer service.

  • Upskilling in an AI-Driven World: Envisioning the next chapter of training and development to harness AI's unparalleled potential.



12:00 PM


12:05 PM

Digital Skills and the transformative force of AI

12:20 PM

Use case: Improving customer service quality and efficiency

12:35 PM

Q & A's

12:45 PM


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