Fuelling growth in an age of data.

We partnered with Mark Chillingworth to get the thoughts of over 550 business decision makers on data as a driver of business growth. The research shows that 94% know they could be driving greater growth as a result of a more sophisticated approach to data, but nearly a quarter are concerned that limited access to in-house skills is preventing them from achieving it.

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Group of people using data and tech to make decisions

Transform data into decisions.

At AND Digital, we focus on solving business problems with a progressive, holistic data solution. To help organisations understand the power of their data, we’ve developed a unique data value proposition. And we follow this tried-and-tested process with all of our customers.

Put your data at the heart of your business.

Together, we'll work through our data-driven operating model to assess any data challenges and identify opportunities. We'll build your data strategy and implement initiatives to help you smash your business objectives. And most importantly, we'll connect your people with your data, ensuring they have the skills to draw meaningful insights from it.


Get a feel for how we do things.

From your organisation's vision to its structure and processes, we'll work with your team to help you get the most out of your data. Read some of our customer success stories to see what's possible.

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Building a compelling business case

Case study

Processing critical data in hours, not days