Partnering with us

Whatever your ambition, we’ve got the right engagement model to make a remarkable impact, quickly.


Our approach

Everything we do is based on the power of collaboration. This enables us to make a remarkable impact on the digital skills and capabilities of your people, your teams, and your organisation. 

By working in a truly collaborative way that breaks down boundaries and silos, you’ll see the benefits of talent retention, new ways of working, and remarkable cultural change that simply aren’t possible with a more traditional partnership.

Club engagements

The best of small with the clout of large, plus flexibility as you need it. We offer engagements through our Club model in two distinct ways. On a service basis or on a project basis.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll benefit from your own Equip plan as well as on-shore blended teams that deliver greater collaboration and efficiency than an off-shore alternative. Last but not least, you will own all the intellectual property (IP) we create - alongside the knowledge to operate it effectively - to become truly digital on the inside.


We will collaborate with you to form high-performing on-shore teams, giving you a high degree of input into the ANDis you work with. You’ll be accountable for providing direction and ensuring overall outcomes meet your expectations, with commercials on a time & material (T&M) basis. Critically, you can ramp the ANDis you need up or down with just 2 weeks notice and with no minimum full-time equivalent (FTE) commitment. You won’t find that anywhere else.


We will lead and select the right team for your project, ensuring that we agree on outcomes and deliverables that meet your expectations. We will take accountability for delivery management and you’ll have the option to choose between fixed price or T&M commercials, depending on your preferences. We will also manage the project scope to ensure that it stays on track and within budget.

Agile delivery practices

Agile is the key to delivering value to your customers, quicker. We’re well versed in everything Agile and can help you to adopt, adapt, and master different practices that will have a remarkable impact on the delivery of your products and platforms.

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High performing teams

As we’ve said before, we’re not here to build for you, we’re here to build with you. So that your skills and capabilities grow alongside your technology. That’s why we blend your people with ours to form high performing teams.

We have a diverse array of multi-disciplinary experts within our Clubs. That means that whatever your technical and cultural challenges, we can assemble a blended high-performing team that will make a remarkable impact.


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