Matt Dawson
Transformational Thinking: On-Demand

To celebrate the launch of AND Digital's latest London Club, and another step in our growth journey, we invited Matt Dawson to talk about transformational thinking as a way of life.

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To celebrate the launch of AND Digital's latest London club and another step in our transformation journey, we invited England rugby legend Matt Dawson to share how transformational thinking made his 2003 team World Cup winners. 

Why were England incredible in 2003? What turned them from nearly men into victors? Matt Dawson believes transformational thinking played an enormous part. 


In this presentation, Matt shares the incremental changes in process and mindset that led to Jonny Wilkinson’s famous last-minute, tournament-winning drop goal. He reveals how having a positive mindset was key, how balance was achieved and how England went from wanting to emulate the best in the world, to being the team the rest of the world wanted to emulate. 


Then, he examines that final World Cup-winning passage of play and reveals how transformational thinking lay at the heart of turning “moments and margins” England’s way. 


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