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Equipping...The new world of work

1st December | 3PM - 3:45PM

As business leaders, how can we ensure that our people have the best work experience?

Just how influential is the culture of an organisation, and how can it attract the right talent to a high-performance team? The third event in our equip series will explore these questions. 


The new hybrid and remote world of working is a complex topic for both business leaders and their teams. In order to create a better environment for their people and ensuring that the technology supports this, it’s important to understand how you can stay ahead of the curve and ultimately ensure your workplace experience is of a consistently high-quality. 


Claire Bacall, Chief for People Evolution at AND Digital, will speak about how we as a company equip our people in the same way that we equip our clients, how we navigate digital transformation for our people, and how to build a company culture that fits your values and creates an environment where people can thrive and succeed.


Kate Wood offers 'Culture as a Service' to organisations, helping transform their employee engagement strategy to improve business performance. She will also be discussing how companies should be focused on creating and delivering a positive experience through culture and leadership and how they achieve that for their business.


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