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Society to close the Digital Skills Gap

10 November | 3:00PM - 3:45PM

We talk a lot about the need for digital skills in today's society, but why are they so critical for tangible business success? What can you do to help close the skills gap in the workplace and beyond?

In the first event of our Equip series, we'll be defining what we mean by Essential Digital Skills (EDS) and how they set a baseline for digital literacy. We will be exploring how we as an industry can work to equip the workforce and wider society with these skills.


AND Digital's Chief for Delivery Stuart Munton will be sharing how AND Digital’s "Equip" model can benefit businesses and individuals, and how that looks in practice as we work to upskill 200,000 people by 2025.


Joining Stuart will be Liz Williams MBE, Member of UK Government Digital Skills Council and CEO of Futuredotnow: a coalition of industry leaders focused on closing the digital skills gap for working age adults. Liz will be sharing how the coalition is working across the industry and the public sector to improve digital confidence and capability to foster an economically prosperous digital society.


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Equipping Your Digital Future

Join us for the rest of our ‘Equipping Your Digital Future’ series to learn from and engage with our esteemed speakers and their unique perspectives on how to close the digital skills gap, building a thriving engineering team and how to adjust to the new hybrid and remote world of working.


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