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We will eliminate the Digital Skills Gap

For businesses to thrive, innovate and accelerate in the digital space, it's vital we close the widening gap in skills and capability

Understanding the gap

What is the Digital Skills Gap?

Without the right people, skills and agility businesses are falling short on their digital impact

To some commentators, the skills gap is specifically about coding or data skills, or STEM. To others, it is purely an expression of not having enough people to complete tasks in the short-term. For us, it is about having that essential skill-mix, mindset, and the right practices in place. It’s these vital attributes that we actively encourage and support our clients to adopt.

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The challenges of businesses agility

Research by AND Digital, as well as McKinsey shows the challenges businesses face

  • Culture 76% of organisations say transforming culture & ways of working is a key challenge
  • Talent and Leadership 42% of organisations lack of leadership and talent for agile transformation
  • Capacity 28% of organisations lack sufficient resources

Bridging the gap

How to build and scale capability, and the right patterns, culture and mindset


People are the key to agility. It is important to attract and retain the right talent in order to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Skills and capabilities

Increasingly we are living in an ‘AND’ not ‘OR’ world. ‘Or’ is no longer a viable strategy for organisations. We need to be good, for example, at Experience Design AND Engineering. 

Agility and delivery

Having the right people and skills will increase your ability to be agile and deliver digital products that make an impact and help you scale. 

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Start closing your digital skills gap with a powerful Employee Value Proposition

Is your organisation struggling to attract and retain digital talent? A strong EVP is one way to start closing your skills gap

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"We are calling on businesses and organisations across the UK to join us in tackling this major challenge together. This might feel like a drop in the ocean, however, we are confident that we have a unique approach to the skills gap, and will be working on ways to scale these approaches and to work with organisations, and society more widely to make a real difference."

Paramjit Uppal Founder - AND Digital

Find out how you can focus on your people and their skills

Let's eliminate the digital skills gap together

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