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Solving your business challenges with Generative AI

Are you intrigued by the opportunities and potential impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)? Do you want to revolutionise how you do business and deliver value for your customers? The leap in automation enabled by Generative AI has the power to reshape operations, products and services like never before.

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AI is changing the rules of the game

Increased productivity combined with the ability to innovate and enhance your current market offer has become a game-changer, allowing you to reclaim precious time for tackling the complex, high-value tasks that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

However, there's a catch. While Generative AI holds immense promise, its effectiveness is dependent upon proper implementation. Are you concerned about tapping into its full potential and making it work for your organisation?

Using AI effectively

Empowering your organisation

Without the right protocols and training in place, GenAI might not deliver the outcomes you had envisioned. Our expertise lies in partnering with organisations like yours to deliver a remarkable impact through the use of Generative AI.

We understand the nuances and complexities involved and we're here to empower your teams through building Generative AI solutions together, while also equipping them to take on this work themselves. We also ensure that you maximise the full value of GenAI, whilst ensuring risk and data governance is carefully managed. With our help, you can not only adapt, but thrive.


The benefits of partnering with AND Digital

  • STRATEGY Develop an Generative AI strategy that works effectively for your people & culture.
  • SOLUTIONS Identify the risks and opportunities of GenAI and target the right solutions.
  • VALUE Create new products and services to deliver value for your customers.
  • EFFICIENCY Reduce your costs by decreasing errors and increasing efficiency.
  • PACE Get results, fast through our GenAI Speed to Market framework.

Accelerate your GenAI delivery
and unlock value quicker

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We Guide You


We'll assist you in identifying key opportunities and use cases for introducing GenAI across your entire value chain, ensuring a strong base for impactful, long-term results. We'll then guide you in establishing ethical governance policies and strategy in order to execute these opportunities effectively.

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We Build Together


Our experienced team offers a depth and breadth of GenAI and associated Data skills. With our adaptable expertise, we're ready to implement the best solution for you. We'll ensure your data infrastructure is set up to maximise your return on investment from GenAI, rapidly prototyping and building PoCs to get you to the right place, quickly.

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We Equip You


Our partnership will create a lasting impact, as a foundation for your future success. We'll help your teams enhance their GenAI and data skills to close your digital skills gap, building the capability for you to own and run GenAI projects confidently.

Our Clients

Building AI solutions AND client capability

We're currently delivering a range of high impact GenAI products such as chatbots, contact centre scripting, 3D imaging, marketing copy, up-selling and cross selling automation. Plus a range of enterprise-level operational efficiency tools that are positively impacting the bottom line at clients including: a UK national house builder, a leading bio-sciences company, and one of Europe's largest insurers. Check back for more client logos and case studies in the coming weeks.

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Our AI work

Check out some of our success stories

We’re proud of our work helping clients to build and implement innovative, AI-powered solutions. 

Our Approach

Ensuring successful GenAI implementations

Our approach is built upon 6 key pillars to ensure that you fully benefit from a responsible and effective use of Generative AI.

Nurture Fairness AND Avoid Bias

We focus on using GenAI to treat everyone fairly, making sure the data and models used are inclusive and free from bias.

Protect Privacy AND Keep Data Secure

We keep your data safe, protect individual privacy, and handle data responsibly, with a focus on transparency and ethical use.

Transparent AND Explainable

Our GenAI systems' inner workings are open, giving full transparency around operations and data, building trust and supporting informed choices.

Accountable AND Controlled

We take care over the design, implementation, and inspection of GenAI technologies, ensuring we can proactively prevent and address issues.

Impact AND Pace

We help you to harness the potential of GenAI to achieve outcomes aligned to your Business strategy, at pace.

Equip AND Empower

We’re committed to providing your people, teams, and organisation with the capabilities, ways of working, and skills to thrive in a GenAI driven future.

Our AI Partners

Industry-leading partnerships

We partner with the leaders in Generative AI to drive your success.

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