Cloud partnerships

Cloud partnerships that make an impact

With accreditations from all 3 of the leading vendors, our knowledge, skills, and insight across cloud has been recognised as exceptional


We help ambitious organisations to innovate with AWS.


We support clients to leverage Microsoft's expanding range of features and services.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We make GCP's exceptional capabilities in machine learning and deep learning a reality.


We help clients leverage cloud capabilities to power growth

From architecture design to skills gaps, our expertise and support is comprehensive and holistic

Cloud is a central facet of just about every digital transformation project. But many organisations find it challenging to identify the best way to make the biggest impact with it.

We help clients understand the problems they face and identify the best platforms and products to meet their needs, and work with them to implement solutions and build the capabilities and culture required to use them in the future.

Cloud growth

Our cloud capabilities

The cloud domain is diverse and complex. We offer support on a range of transformation projects and initiatives

Enabling development teams

We help development teams deliver better software faster by helping them implement cloud native toolchains and processes.

Data innovation

We help accelerate time to insight by improving data pipelines and upskilling in AI and machine learning.


App modernisation

We help clients improve the performance, scalability, security, and reliability of their apps.

Infrastructure modernisation

We help clients improve the way they manage complex distributed infrastructure - from automation to cost optimisation.

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Guide | Build | Equip

How we support clients

AND Digital offers clients end-to-end support, from the strategic insight that informs architecture design to knowledge transfer and upskilling

This means that we ensure clients have an in-depth understanding of the solutions we implement, and that they have the knowledge and expertise to continue to leverage it successfully even after our relationship has ended.


We help clients better understand their technology challenges and support them to explore the potential opportunities. We do this always in the context of business growth and the demands of the wider market.


Whether they want to build from scratch or evolve their applications and infrastructure, we can support clients with our team of skilled experts, who can ensure that they build the solutions they need in a way that is fast yet stable and secure.


Our work always leaves a legacy. We work with clients to upskill staff to remove skill gaps and place them in the best possible position to successfully continue their cloud journey.


Your Journey to Cloud Migration

Define a path and navigate the key barriers to successful cloud migration

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Cloud Academy

We know that skills in cloud engineering can be difficult to find. That’s why we're committed to Cloud Academy. It’s both a way for us to improve the skills and knowledge of our team, and to empower client engineering teams to learn new skills too. 

Closing client skill gaps is one of AND Digital's priorities. That's why we work hard to successfully onboard people onto vendor platforms and products. This means individuals are empowered to deliver value confidently and - ultimately - independently.


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