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Values and Community Work

As we’ve grown, so has our potential impact on the communities around us. In recognition of this and to acknowledge our role as part of a wider community, we run a series of giving back initiatives throughout the year

SEI committee

Social, Ethics and Inclusion

Our Board Level SEI committee is made up of ANDis who champion diversity & inclusion, social impact, and ethics within AND Digital

The committee is committed to making AND Digital a great place to work. 

The committee ensures AND Digital is operating according to our values and business principles; supporting all of our people in the best possible way. Together, they develop and review the SEI vision, overseeing the company’s commitment to it and progress on its delivery.


AND's Ethos

Everyone at AND Digital has a 'seat at the table'

Our Iconic Red Chair photos represent this ethos and our embedded psychological safety ensures meaningful input at every level.

That's not all. The red chair photo is also a prop to showcase our 'AND titles' - the unique job title addition that celebrates our hobbies and interests. Look out for chairs masquerading as racing cars, DJ decks, and mountain bikes!

We make sure that our people (ANDi’s) not only feel like they get a seat at the table but that they actually get it:

  • Owned by ANDi’s - We build shares into every employee contract. Each year a trading window opens and everyone is given the opportunity to buy more or sell their shares. 
  • ANDi representative on the non-executive Board - every year every person at AND has the opportunity to apply to be part of the non-executive board of directors for a whole 12 months. 

Simba Sagwete

“Being the ANDi representative has been incredible. I couldn't ever imagine having such an opportunity at this stage of my career"

Simba Sagwete - Squad Lead AND Cycling Geek - Non Executive Board Representative 2020-2021
AND Reconnect

Charity Partners

We're proud to work with and support a range of partners, from charities to social enterprises, focused on specific communities

We run ‘tea and tech’ sessions with senior guests to share how technology can help in their daily lives. We offer roles to refugees and provide the training and support they need to succeed as a developer. ANDis across the country deliver free courses in coding to women, in partnership with Code First Girls, teaching them the fundamentals of modern web development.

On club days, ANDis also choose to volunteer for local charities and communities and can complete training with Mind and act as mental health champions across AND Digital.

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Our Work Within The Community

Our people are passionate about giving back to their local communities, so we enable this through paid days off to fundraise and volunteer. Some key areas we focus on are:

Community Blogs

STEM Activity

We work with schools throughout the year to deliver everything from workshops and 1:1 career coaching to speed chat sessions and work experience opportunities

AND She Can

AND She Can inspires girls and women to consider a career in technology, by providing real insights into tech careers, guidance and inspiration from women role models

Providing Services to Charities

When our ANDis aren’t working with a client, we look for opportunities to partner them with local charities. We’ve built new digital products, provided coaching, and supported a whole host of fundraising for a variety of great causes.


Wellness and Inclusion with Remote Working

Our unique 'Blended Working' model, gives ANDi’s the autonomy to choose where they work

Covid taught us that distributed teams can work to deliver successful client products, but we want to ensure that all ANDi’s that choose remote working are fully supported and included in all social activities too. 

We have dedicated communities set up to provide additional support and increase awareness across AND Digital for:

  • Women in tech
  • BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Working Parents
  • Distinguishing Differences (neurodiversity and disability)
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