AND Digital has grown at a remarkable rate since we opened our doors in 2014. And, as we’ve grown, so has our potential impact on the the communities around us - whether that’s in the cities where we base our Clubs, or in the charitable causes we support.

In recognition of this and to acknowledge our role as part of a wider community, we run a series of giving back initiatives throughout the year - designed to both reduce the impact AND has on the environment, and to offer something back to each of our Club’s local communities.

Contributing to the community

Our people are passionate about giving back to their local communities, so we enable this through paid days off to fundraise and volunteer. Some key areas we focus on are:

STEM activity
As part of our mission to close the digital skills gap, a key focus for AND is on supporting uptake in STEM subjects. We work with schools throughout the year to deliver everything from workshops and 1:1 career coaching to speed chat sessions and work experience opportunities.

Providing services to charities
When our ANDis aren’t working with a client, we look for opportunities to partner them with local charities. We’ve built new websites, provided upskilling and helped to define new digital product roadmaps for a variety of good causes.

Organising and taking part in fundraising activity
We’re an avid bunch of fundraisers at AND, so there’s always some kind of charitable activity going on - whether it’s our own Tour-de-AND (an annual cycling event that sees ANDis ride from Club to Club) or a team of ANDis sleeping rough to raise funds for homelessness charities.

Improving the environment

As a growing tech company, our environmental priorities are focused on using ethical suppliers, reducing tech waste and adopting sensible practices. So we:

  • Buy from suppliers who are committed to responsibly sourcing raw materials, and reducing and disposing of waste as sustainably as possible.

  • Encourage a reuse and recycle policy when tech equipment is no longer usable.

  • Offer a cycle-to-work scheme to encourage sustainable ways of travel.

  • Set up virtual meetings when Clubs need to collaborate, decreasing business travel.

Wellbeing in the workplace

A diverse workforce is essential to our work building experiences and products for diverse end users, and is an integral part of our culture. So, as well as giving back externally, we also focus on creating a work environment that is supportive and inclusive.

We have a clear wellbeing programme, and have dedicated ANDis across the organisation promoting physical, financial and mental wellbeing. ANDis have access to regular massages, mindfulness sessions, flu jabs, financial advice and support through an EAP scheme.

We also have dedicated communities set up to provide additional support and increase awareness across AND for:

  • Women in tech

  • BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic)

  • LGBTQ+

  • Working Parents

  • Distinguishing Differences (neurodiversity and disability)

Our partners

We're proud to work with and support a range of partners, from charities to social enterprises, focused on specific communities.

  • Code Your Future
    We offer roles to refugees and provide the training and support they need to succeed as a developer.

  • Age UK
    We run ‘tea and tech’ sessions with senior guests to share how technology can help in their daily lives.

  • Mind
    ANDis can complete training with Mind and act as mental health champions across AND.

  • The Men’s Room
    We worked with charity, The Men’s Room to build them a new website and upskill their team, enabling them to maintain the site moving forward.

  • Byte Night
    Our ANDis regularly take part in Byte Night’s fundraising initiative, where people sleep rough to raise both money and awareness for homeless people.

  • Code First Girls
    ANDis across the country deliver free courses in coding to women, in partnership with Code First Girls, teaching them the fundamentals of modern web development.