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The Nature of the
Digital Skills Gap

AND Digital is on a mission to close the world's digital skills gap. To do that, we need a shared understanding of "digital skills"- across sectors, cities and demographics, and we need to clarify where the gaps lie. With extensive national research, we now have the data to define the gap AND the insight on how to close it.

The research

We interviewed thousands of business leaders, hiring managers and knowledge workers across the UK to identify the country's key challenges.

  • the impact £240bn a year is at risk, as a result of businesses only focusing on the “hard” digital skills
  • skills gap 27% of UK workers feel they lack sufficient digital skills for their job role
  • progression gap 29% of respondents say their lack of digital skills has limited pay, promotions and career progression
  • upskilling gap 58% of knowledge workers have never received digital upskilling from their employer
  • understanding gap 35% of workers believe digital skills means "fixing IT issues"
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“UK organisations are still failing to sufficiently upskill employees, and it is directly impacting business and wider economic growth. This is because we have not come to a shared understanding of what the skills gap is or what digital skills means."

Paramjit Uppal Founder - AND Digital

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