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Are you accelerating enterprise value or slowing it down?

When it comes to enterprise value are you still thinking in terms of speed OR security, small OR scale, innovation OR legacy? Shift your mindset to embrace the power of AND not OR.

A majority of CEOs have recognised that speed is critical but are exposing their organisation to greater risk by embracing speed at all costs. This contrasts to others who are adopting a more cautious approach and risk being outpaced by their competitors. Successful leaders will need to find a better way that balances value acceleration with long-term strategic thinking.

Our report will help you to:

  • Understand the challenges CEOs are facing in accelerating enterprise value and explore their changing role in effectively leading technology-driven companies
  • Delve into the tension arising between using AI to accelerate value and implementing it ethically and securely
  • Learn about the importance of developing a data-driven culture to ensure organisational success
  • Discover the necessity of having the right tech talent to accelerate value
  • Grasp the challenges of integrating emerging technologies with legacy systems and the impact on innovation and customer-centricity

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Research Highlights

We interviewed hundreds of CEOs across the UK, USA and the Netherlands to understand one thing...
Is your organisation ready to accelerate value from technology?

  • ACCELERATING VALUE 64% of CEOs are happy to take huge risks to stay ahead of rival firms
  • THE RISE OF AI 45% of CEOs admitted to making major business decisions based on data and information obtained using ChatGPT
  • DATA EMPOWERMENT 48% of CEOs told us the absence of data-driven culture is putting them at risk of failure
  • THE ROLE OF THE CEO 43% of CEOs believe AI could replace the job of the CEO
  • SKILLS WILL DRIVE GROWTH 34% of CEOs feel they do not have the digital knowledge to take their company to its next stage of growth

"Shockingly, 64% of the CEOs we polled feel they are an analogue CEO in a digital age, creating profound challenges in leading their organisations into the next phase of growth."

Paramjit Uppal Founder - AND Digital

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