Digital Greatness: How to be a Magnet for Talent

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Join us for a lively debate into the importance and core ingredients of attracting, retaining AND growing your talent in challenging times.

The ability to find and retain the best talent to accelerate your digital journey, remains a challenge to all businesses. 

Only 51% of C-level leaders when surveyed thought they had sufficient digital skills for what their organisations needed to achieve (Source; Digital skills gap )


Digitally great companies are those most likely to outperform in the current economic climate and a characteristic they have in common is they are magnets for the best digital talent. In this webinar we explore how to shape your organisation to attract, grow and retain the best people.



The availability of digital skills is not keeping up with the demand, creating the battle for digital talent between businesses. It’s not simply about salary. Winning the battle and becoming a magnet for talent is enjoyed by those who can offer a more compelling employee value proposition - not just the higher salary but can create a culture and environment that offers someone a compelling reason to work there - whether that’s a strong purpose, interesting work, strong ethics, personal development or recognition / rewards. 


At this online event, the second in our Digital Greatness series, join experts from AND Consulting team and Industry to explore:


  • The benefits organisations of becoming a magnet for talent
  • The core ingredients to achieve this
  • How to attract and retain the best digital talent
  • How to equip teams with human digital skills like teaming, problem solving

and creative thinking

  • How to overcome barriers

About Digital Greatness:

At AND, we help guide you through your complex journey to Digital Greatness. But what does 'greatness' look like? A 10-year global study of 50,000 brands revealed that the 50 highest-performing businesses were those driven by a clear Purpose.


Great companies stand for something. Those purpose-driven companies stood for something over and above the pursuit of financial results - they sought to benefit society as a whole, winning the hearts and minds of their customers in the process. They grew, on average, three times faster than their competitors.


By adopting this approach at AND, we have ourselves experienced significant growth as we strive to delight customers, and benefit society as a whole, by "closing the world's digital skills gap"


The event has now ended. Fill out the form on this page to access the recording.


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Welcome & Introductions

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'Digital Greatness: How to be a Magnet for Talent'

Susan Quain, Digital Employee Experience Director at Fidelity International Sean Allen, Head of Talent Acquisition at The Very Group Amanda Bellwood, People Director at Tombola Chris Clarke, Consulting Practice Lead AND Transport Nerd at AND Digital

12:45 PM


01:00 PM

Event wrap-up

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