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09 november 2022 • 3 min read


Becoming a great workplace is about doing it with and for your people. To achieve this, you have to challenge yourself to become better constantly. And what’s a better way to do this than ask Great Place to Work to do the evaluation themselves?


Great Place to Work is all about maximizing human potential and expanding trust. Which is precisely what AND Digital Nederland is here for as well. 


The Trust Index gave us insight into how our employees feel by looking at the trust, pride, and pleasure in their mutual relationships. The benchmark provides insight into how we score compared to other organizations.


How to become a great place to work? By not only wanting but by being willing and by doing 


Regarding our culture, trust, and safety, we score very well. All around 90% and more of the ANDIs agree on the following statements:


  • ANDIs feel encouraged to balance their work and personal lives
  • They feel free to take time off from work if they think it’s necessary
  • People are treated fairly, regardless of their age or position 


Also the results regarding our management were promising: 


  • People avoid politics and backstabbing as ways to get things done 
  • There is virtually no favoritism 
  • Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders 


Our secret to these results? Volha Malinouskaya, Product Analyst at AND Digital Nederland: “It’s all about learning and growing together. The difference from other companies is that AND Digital goes beyond a promise. I feel I’m primarily a person and secondary a product analyst. Also, I couldn’t be happier with my squad lead and colleagues; they keep teaching me to take care of myself, check on me, and pay attention.” 


Maaike Jamoel, Club Executive at AND Digital, also confirms: 

“Everyone has a seat at the table; everyone in the company fully appreciates your opinion and contribution. We want everyone to take responsibility, and we see that everyone does. That means taking a day off when your body or mind needs it. But also to focus on embracing diversity, age, and positions. I’m proud to see this reflected in the results!”


The impact of great onboarding 


When it comes to the results regarding culture, the first thing we see is that 100% of the newbies feel welcome when joining AND Digital. And besides that, more than 90% also agree on the following:


  • Feeling right at home when changing jobs or work units
  • Looking forward to coming to work
  • Feeling like they can be themselves
  • Finding that AND Digital is a fun place to work 


This is a fantastic insight, knowing that we take onboarding so seriously; it pays off! Daragh Gillen, Onboarding & Academy Manager at AND: “That’s what I want to achieve; to make people feel comfortable and feel like they can be themselves. And for that matter: first impressions are vital. So good onboarding is key.”


Points of improvement 


As there are a lot of positive results, there are also things to improve, especially when it comes to unique benefits and facilities. 


Volha Malinouskaya, Product Analyst at AND Digital Nederland: “I think there are some points of improvement, and I also think it has a lot to do with expanding from London to Amsterdam. In London, everything is settled; all the benefits are well taken care of. In Amsterdam, not everything is settled yet. Some may find that communication about this could be better. But I know these things are being fixed, and I wouldn’t want to leave this place anyway!”


Summarized: We scored very well on safety, culture, and trust. But we also see that the benchmark is challenging and that there are still things to improve. And we definitely will.  


Here we are!


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