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AND Digital does not merely build effective software solutions; they also aspire to help close the digital skills gap. So say Benelux Executive Jeroen Kleinhoven and Club Executive Maaike Jamoel.

AND Digital can no longer be called a 'new kid on the block'. After all, the originally UK-based technology company has already been active in the Netherlands for over two years. And yet, AND still feels a bit like that new kid. "That is because we really do things differently," says Jeroen Kleinhoven. On the one hand, that difference lies in the culture and structure of AND. With over 1600 employees, AND cannot exactly be described as small. But because those employees are spread across 27 autonomous Clubs (two of which are based in the Netherlands), each with their own 'flavour', AND can also act as a local 'boutique partner', says Jamoel. "Our organisation features the beauty of the small, with the clout of the large. In the Clubs, we create an environment in which our ANDi’s strive to be the best they can be, every single day. We know that this ultimately benefits our customers."



Speaking of those customers, AND provides a unique proposition for them. Besides the apps, websites, platforms, data applications and other software solutions it develops with clients, AND has a mission, which is to close the digital skills gap. Kleinhoven: "Many organisations are no longer keeping up with all the developments. This is understandable; staff shortages are huge and innovation – of which AI is just one example - is moving at lightning speed. Sure, you can deploy an army of contractors in your organisation, but that is costly and moreover, it will not solve the problem. We do."


"When we step in, our people blend into client teams," adds Jamoel. "More as a partner than a supplier, we help clients develop their internal teams, including all the skills, processes, and cultural aspects to become more attractive for digital talent. In doing so, our main goal is to structurally strengthen the customer, making ourselves redundant in the long run."




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Kleinhoven makes the comparison to cycling. "When I embark on a four-hour ride, I pack gels and bars. The gels pull me over a hill, however, to finish the ride, I need sufficient carbohydrates. So although supplementing teams with freelance contractors may be a fix for your sugar rush, you also need a structural solution – and this is exactly where AND makes the difference."


Published in Management Scope in December 2023




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