Service approach

Best of small, clout of large. Our multi-disciplinary Clubs give you the intimacy of a small organization, backed up by the wide-ranging skills and experience of AND Digital.


Our Club model

At the heart of each partnership is an AND Club - they’re located locally to you, and are dedicated to making a remarkable impact for you. Each Club is formed of 6 squads and 80-90 ANDis (that's what we call our people), and typically works in partnership with between just 6 to 10 clients, ensuring a unique sense of care and attention.

Depending on the scope and scale of our engagement, your AND Club will pull through support from other clubs and experts to provide the perfect blend of capabilities needed. We call this the best of small, and the clout of large.

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Our experts

Every ANDi has a role to play in delivering a remarkable outcome for you. The key experts you'll work with include:

Consulting teams

Our consulting teams are here to translate strategy into execution, in order to solve your complex problems at scale. From improving your pace of delivery, launching new propositions, achieving operational efficiencies, to unlocking the power of your data.

Product and platform teams

Our product and platform teams in Club are the experts in envisioning, developing, testing and optimizing your digital products and platforms to deliver remarkable experiences for your customers. From the operating environment, to the initial proof of concept through to regular, high quality feature releases.

Agile coaches

Our Agile coaches are ready to help your team be the best they can be. They’ll support your teams in successfully implementing Agile methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, and Nexus, so that you’re equipped to iterate and experiment at pace.

Academy teams

Our academy team is standing by to help you upskill at scale. They’re the learning & development experts and will ensure that your teams are equipped with the human and technical skills they’ll need to make a remarkable impact.

Shared outcomes

We know that the best outcomes are achieved through partnerships built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. That’s why we clearly define the impact we want to make together from the outset. Shared outcomes typically include:


  • Performance outcomes - such as release cadence, reliability, product/service adoption rates
  • Product & platform build deliveries - by our joint teams
  • Capability building - brought about through your Equip plan, as well as the learning and upskilling that occurs naturally as we build together


The shared outcomes that we agree form our co-written Value Agreement. This agreement is the basis for ensuring that our partnership is on track. That’s why we review and evolve it on a quarterly basis.



Your Equip plan

Developing your capabilities is a core belief of ours. That’s why all of our clients receive a dedicated, bespoke Equip plan. It’s based upon your capability gaps, with tangible, measurable outcomes that are revisited and evolved every quarter.

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