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The importance of testing: making complex software resilient

Testing ensures software resilience and stability. In this session, AND Digital’s James Rhead explains why - and how to do it effectively.
Simple, elegant products are often powered by complex infrastructure. This requires serious attention to detail and a robust approach to testing and resiliency. This is particularly important in financial services where trust, security and availability are fundamental to the customer proposition.

In this session with AND Digital’s James Rhead, you’ll hear how we ensure software resiliency for a large banking client through rigorous and consistent testing. James will cover why testing matters, how to communicate and evangelise for it when there is pressure to deliver quickly, and how it can be better integrated into your development workflows.

The event will look at testing across the stack, and explore a number of different approaches to testing - including unit, integration, and acceptance tests - and when and why they should be used.

This is an event for anyone interested in better managing complexity and bridging the gap between rapid delivery and security and stability.

This session is part of AND Digital’s and ScotlandIS’ Tech Week. Running from 18th-22nd October, Tech Week will feature Scotland’s best and brightest tech talents, who will showcase our dynamic digital sector and discuss the issues that matter in the industry today.


Welcome and intro

An insight into testing and resilience over the years

Why testing is important

Different types of testing techniques

How to test, and why it's important

Managerial and business buy-in and why it’s important for success



James Rhead

Product Developer AND Book and Film Connoisseur

James is a Product Developer in our Edinburgh Club Somerville. He has worked across a number of sectors including Education, Health and Finance. Retraining later in life to become a Front End Developer, he now works as a Full Stack Developer. He has a passion for technology and its growing emergence across multiple sectors, as well as testing, resiliency and automation.

We look forward to seeing you there!